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Permissions and Reprints

Thank you for your interest in reprinting poetry first published in book form by WordTech Communications LLC.


"Fair-use" republication of our poems in a review, journalistic article, or scholarly essay do not require any permission, though we do appreciate notification.

For re-publication outside of "fair-use" context, please contact us for permission. We like to know where work from our books is appearing. For projects of a small, literary, non-profit, or personal nature, permission will typically be granted without charge. For larger commercial projects, such as reprinting a poem in a college textbook, a permission fee may be assessed, and will be split 50/50 with the author; this is to ensure that the press and the author are appropriately compensated for commercial republication of their work.


Acknowledgements should look like this:

"Title of Poem" from Title of Book by Author's Name, published in Year by WordTech Imprint, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Contact Us

If you have questions or wish to request permission to reprint a poem that we first published, please contact us at connect@wordtechcommunications.com.