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WordTech Communications LLC is one of the nation's largest poetry publishers, bringing out approximately 30 titles per year. Our six imprints focus on lyric, narrative, formal, social, and experimental poetry.We strive to publish a wide variety of poetry that is diverse in style, subject and technique but is unified in its excellence.

We are unique among contemporary poetry publishers for the emphasis we place on bringing poetry to a buying audience--in short, for the emphasis we place on selling books. We do not charge reading fees, nor do we accept outside funding. We are focused solely on publishing and selling excellent poetry.

This focus also means that we are not the publisher for every poet. The poets we publish must be active partners in the marketing and promotion of their books, especially by doing readings and similar events. If you are uncomfortable with the public presentation and promotion of your work, you may be better off with another publisher.

Click the links to find out more about our submissions policy, emphasis on sales, strategies for marketing , information for bookstores and individuals on how to order titles, and more.

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